Digital acquisition through intergenerational learning


Intellectual Output 5 is the implementation of the digital programme developed based on intergenerational learning offered in house by each partner.  

1. The case of Latvia

Date: 2nd July 2019

Organisation: Project Net

Venue: Latvia

The leading partner of the project “DIAL” hosted a training for seniors on July 2nd, 2019 in Jelgava, Latvia. The training was held in Zemgale Region Human Resource and Competences Development Centre (ZRKAC). ZRKAC is a municipal educational institution, their aim is to offer and provide lifelong education for each inhabitant of Jelgava city and Zemgale region.

During the training all four modules were presented to the seniors and due to their preference, one module was studied in depth. Project Net leader Iveta Cīrule introduced everyone with the project’s main aims and results.

The participant feedback was very positive and seniors were interested in further cooperation opportunities. The training was disseminated also via local e-newspaper “Jelgavas vēstnesis” (

“I consider helping seniors as my duty. At the moment, explaining very common things, I remember how my grandmother once taught me to read. I knew the letters, but she helped me learn to read the words. Similarly, in the learning process now – many seniors know the details related to digital tools, and they just have to be taught how to use them properly, »says one of the youth volunteers who participated in the training in Jelgava in the interview of local newspaper.

2. The case of Cyprus

Date: 21 – 22 & 30 – 31 May 2019

Organisation: Emphasys Centre

Venue: Cyprus

The Digital Upskilling Programme for grandparents and grandchildren organised by Emphasys Centre, as part of the Erasmus + DIAL project on 21 – 22 of May and 30 – 31 of May 2019.

The grandparents (senior citizens) and grandchildren (30 participants) who participated in the Digital Upskilling Programme attended the “Internet” course and they had the opportunity to:

  • Create an email address
  • Understand the basic definitions and concepts of Internet
  • Understand how to navigate through the web (e.g. Compose/reply/delete an e-mail, attached and download a file etc.)

3. The case of Portugal

Date: 27th June & 4th July 2019

Organisation: RUTIS

Venue: Portugal

RUTIS, The Association of Third Age Universities Network created two different moments for the training related to IO5.

First Session:

This session was held in Fundão, Portugal during RUTIS’s National Third Age University event on the 27th June 2019, that gathered in total more than 1900 senior students. In the training participated a group of 33 people. We begun by explaining DIAL project its goals and activities. After we introduced moodle platform and we had a deeper session regarding the Portuguese module.

Second Session:

The second session was held at RUTIS headquarters on the 4th of July and in the training attended 13 people. The training session was divided in to 3 parts. First we explained DIAL project, its goals and activities. After that we introduced moodle platform, we teached seniors how to use the platform and showed them the benefits of it. And to finish the session we introduced all modules but focused on the Portuguese module, Computer essencials.

4. The case of Turkey

Date: 18th June & 29th June 2019

Organisation: System and Generation

Venue: Turkey

System and Generation Association, the Turkish partner in the project, implemented two meetings with seniors, where they shared information about the content of the created teaching materials and tested the Moodle platform.

Both trainngs were implemented in S&G’s office in Ankara and lasted for a couple of hours. In total, S&G trained 34 seniors in both trainings. The first training was on 18 June 2019 with 19 participants and the second training on 29 June 2019 with 15 participants.

The trainers focused on the Hardware module and gave information about the next modules to be discussed in the trainings – Communication and collaboration, Internet, and Computer essentials. The training continued with explanation about the Moodle platform and how to use it.

The technical coordinator – Mr. Selim Özkan took special time to show interesting for the seniors short cuts and key combinations that were beneficial and made them more engaged in the training.