Digital acquisition through intergenerational learning

Project Aims

An innovative up-skilling pathway programme based on intergenerational and LLL opportunities where grandparents (mainly adults over 55+) acquire essential digital competences, as defined in the Digital Competence Reference Framework of the EC (2016), with the involvement of their grandchildren thus supporting in a systemic way active ageing, e-access, social inclusion, e-participation and personal development.

Project Aims:

  • To map the national current digital status in relation to the aspects affecting the target group (seniors 55+) 
  • To identify the needs of the target group 
  • To design the e-Skills Charter for Grands (digital framework) with in-build benchmarks and indicators against which the acquired skills will be recognized, monitored, assessed and validated 
  • To design the Learning Platform (Moodle) which provides e-Library, e-Grands Academy, e-Grands Network and e-Assessment opportunities 
  • To implement the Digital Learning ToolBox which includes all necessary aspects to plan, deliver and monitor the intergenerational Digital Up-skilling Programme for grandparents and grandchildren
  • To pilot test, monitor and evaluate the Digital Programme offered in-house