Digital acquisition through intergenerational learning



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Board Member and LEAR

Iveta Cirule

Project Net (PN) is a non-governmental organisation. There are 10 volunteers – professionals co-working to facilitate positive entrepreneurial change at national and international level, core Expert team are 4 persons. Project Net promotes entrepreneurial and start-up culture and education network development as one of main tools in society wealth-fare and regional development. SME development, green economy and competitive regions are important for sustainable development.

PN is dedicated to solve social and educational challenges, raise knowledge and social welfare in Latvia as well as facilitate and promote the best practices, knowledge and gained
experience at the international level.
There are 3 main areas PN concentrates on:
1) promotion of entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial culture;
2) different solutions to enhance employment particularly youth;
3) healthy lifestyles and sports.

PN provides non-formal learning about entrepreneurship education, political processes. The main goal is to promote the idea and movement of entrepreneurship education as strategic tool for sustainable development. The specific areas of key personnel: business incubation, youth work, healthy lifestyles, sports, creative thinking, entrepreneurship education, idea management, bioeconomy, youth research and education, young researchers, adult long-life education. The moto of Project Net is TURN IDEAS INTO ACTION!

RUTIS – Associação Rede de Universidades da Terceira Idade

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Luís Jacob

The Association of Third Age Universities Network – RUTIS is a private national and international public institution created in 2005 and currently has 305 senior universities as members in July of 2017, which corresponds to 45.000 students and 5.500 volunteer teachers.
Our main goals are to develop activities for the Third Age Universities (U3A), its students, teachers and managers, to raise funds and find sponsors to support the U3A, too promote volunteering amongst seniors and for the seniors, to increase the active aging and to develop didactic resources for senior education.

During the year we have organize and promote several activities that have as target group the third age universities, such as talents shows, music, theatre, dance festivals, coordinators meetings and national meetings. These events gather in average more than 300 seniors, apart from the national meeting where we have at minimum 1000 seniors.
Since RUTIS also works for the community and is a member of the Centre for Active Ageing we also organize every year several congresses and seminars in the field of active ageing, social innovation and adult education. To complete our work in this area, we also apply every year to European projects and have been having at least two per year, as coordinators and as partners.

RUTIS has done very hard work to show the importance of the Third Age Universities in the community, in active ageing and in the health of the people who attend this social response and we saw our hard work recently recognized by the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 76/2016 in which RUTIS was indicated as the framework of “senior universities”, assuming itself as a fundamental partner for the development of policies of Active aging and social economy. The results of the action of the “Senior Universities” – are unquestionable as to the well-being that they offer, both in the reinforcement of the perspectives of insertion and social participation, and in the improvement of the conditions and quality of life of the people who attend them.


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Gürkan Akçaer

S&G: System and Generation Association is a non-profit organization established in 2008. From that time tolerance, cooperation, social help and integration are our aims. They are here to provide young people from different cultures empower tolerance, encourage their entrepreneurial spirit, helping them acquire knowledge and qualifications, cooperating in mobility with international institutions.

System and Generation gets into the act about; increasing of economic growth, providing efficiency about increasing of production, sustaining the production, sustainability that cares socioeconomic needs and planning that analyze the problems, and also with the belief of projecting Process, considering co-working culture by reaching this target as the best way, combining the systems which made in EU and creativity of our citizens especially the youth. Our organization is the member of few international networks and their representative of Turkey: Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for Intercultural Dialogue Between Cultures.

Co-Coordinator of Turkish Network:
Co-working is our point of view by reaching this target as the best way, combining the systems which made in EU and creativity of our young citizens.


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Project Manager/Coordinator 

Athos Charalambides 

The «Emphasys Centre» began operating in 1998, as a related company to «A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd» (due to common ownership), a successful company specialising in consultancy, software and support services in the field of ICT. Since then, the “Empahsys Centre” has continued to operate as an ICT Software Centre, but is has also developed into a successful ICT Educational and Vocational Centre and a European Research Centre, that cooperates closely with various organisations in Europe for the implementation of EU projects.

The «Emphasys Centre» is approved by the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture as an Educational and Vocational Centre specialing in the field of ICT and by the Cyprus Human Resource Authority. It is also authorized by the ECDL Foundation and the Council of Europe Information Scientists (CEPIS) to offer speciliased training courses for the acquisition of the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL). Its staff is Certified Professionals to offer the ECDL, whereas the «Emphasys Centre» functions also as an Examination Centre and is in close cooperation with the Cyprus Computer Society, an association that manages the ECDL programme.

Within the area of education and training the «Emphasys Centre» is authorised by the British Council of Cyprus and the Cambridge International Examination Board to teach GCE A’ Level Computing and organise various exams, as an approved examination centre. The high quality of its work in the area of education and training has been acknowledged as in the last 5 years student of the “«Emphasys Centre»” are awarded by the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) at the «Cambridge Outstanding Achiever Awards Ceremony» for taking the highest marks in Cyprus for the GCE A’ Level Computing examinations in Cyprus.

As an educational institution the «Emphasys Centre» offers high quality courses for adults, professionals and young people interested in obtaining professional qualification or attain vocational training for employment. The «Emphasys Centre» has been involved greatly in the last 18 years in organising custom-made in-service training courses for the employees of various companies and organisations in the private and public sector based on their ICT needs and requirements.

Regarding its involvement in education, students (10-18 yrs old) can join one of the courses for acquiring the professional qualification of the ECDL, the “European Computer Driving License” diploma which is approved, validated and accredited worldwide, as a valid certificate of ICT. Students can also attend courses organised for acquiring the GCE A’ Level Computing of the Cambridge University. In the last five years our students are awarded by the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) at the «Cambridge Outstanding Achiever Awards Ceremony» for taking the highest marks in Cyprus for the GCE AS Level Computing examinations in Cyprus.

As an Educational Institution, the «Emphasys Centre» provides services for career guidance for young people, youth and students. The “«Emphasys Centre»” also offers counseling and mentoring to all learners aiming at enhancing their learning capability according to their needs (Early School Leavers, Young unemployed people). Further support is provided to students with learning difficulties and developmental problems, by detecting their special needs and providing individual help through appropriately designed rehabilitation programmes.

The «Emphasys Centre» is also actively involved in the Erasmus+ Key Action 1 – Learning Mobility (Staff, trainers, young people) by offering a wide selection of courses for personal and professional development in the area of ICT for educators (Technology Tools, Social Media, Webpage Design and Microsoft Office), as well as other courses in Health Education, Special Education and Teacher Education.