Digital acquisition through intergenerational learning

12th press release (June, 2019)

No 2017-1-LV01-KA204-035455

June 10, 2019


Between June 3-7, 2019 all project’s partners gathered in Almeirim, Portugal in order to discuss the last steps taken before the end of the project. The meeting was the most important one for the project as the main target group from all partner countries arrived in RUTIS headquarters to test all fours modules of the teaching materials.

Training for seniors (as defined a priori, the main target group are individuals aged 55+) was held shortly after the project management’s meeting. Seniors arrived in Portugal, Almeirim from Cyprus, Latvia, and Turkey and also from local cities of Portugal to effect C2 activity of the project. The seniors were introduced with the project, its main aims and, most importantly, with the teaching materials.

Each partner presented the module they had created, while representatives of each partner translated the meeting to the seniors in their national languages, furthermore each senior had the opportunity to learn from the materials in their mother tongues, accordingly in Latvian, Turkish, Portuguese and Greek, as all materials were translated and uploaded on Moodle platform.  Each attendee created their own accounts on Moodle and learned to navigate through the platform, find the materials, self-assessment and final assessment tests.

The materials were evaluated by seniors as useful, interesting and containing topical subjects about digital presence. For the most part of the attendees, the Moodle platform was a new experience, thus ensuring wide profile of new knowledge in terms of digital world.

After trainings, the attendees went on cultural visits around Santarém and Nazaré.

“DIAL” is an Erasmus+ strategic partnership project in the Adult Sector targeting mainly elderly people. The main aim of the project is to provide intergenerational and Life Long Learning opportunities to grandparents to acquire essential digital competences that will enable active ageing and access to the e-word.


The Erasmus+ project “DIAL” is co-funded by the European Union.  Find out more about Erasmus+ program on

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