Digital acquisition through intergenerational learning

8th press release (December, 2018)

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December, 2018


This is the last month of 2018 and we can all look back at this year and say that this was a very busy year for DIAL project. The project’s team organized second partner’s meeting in Cyprus, made plans for the upcoming year and actively spread out information about the project and its aims.

From 14th to 16th of February, all partners came together in Cyprus in order to plan out further actions of the project. It was the start of one of the most important intellectual output developments of the project – the creation of teaching material about basic computer skills and concepts for the seniors. All partners developed the material which consists of four modules: Internet, Hardware, Communication & Collaboration online and Computer essentials. By the end of 2018, all four modules have been developed and are being prepared to be put together, redacted and arranged for translation purposes. It is planned to use the material in the next transnational partner meeting, which will be also the first training of the project.

This was also a very public year for DIAL. The project was promoted in the PBA meeting in UK with partners from Bulgaria, UK, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Romania, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Greece, Spain and Italy (37 people in total). DIAL was talked about also in TC in Berlin Germany with 30 participants from Palestine, Slovakia, Latvia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Egypt, Bulgaria, and Poland.

System&Generation organized Project writing Training courses in their office and in Gazi University – Ankara with 40 people in total. DIAL project was promoted during TC in Bitola Macedonia with 28 participants. The project was discussed even on Portuguese radio (you can hear about it by going to RUTIS homepage-

The project was also promoted in various Conferences and events organized and/or attended by RUTIS, including one of the biggest attended Third Age Universities’ National Meeting organized in Nazare, where more than 2000 participants heard about the DIAL project and its aims. Also the Meeting was covered by 2 national (BTV and CMTV).

Emphasys Centre was present at the Etiquette Week for Elderly People organized by the Cyprus National Bioethics Committee on 5-9 November 2018. The National Bioethics Committee of Cyprus (EKBK), in cooperation with more than 30 private and public sector organizations, including the Ministry of Health and the Pancyprian Medical Association, organized a Week of Awareness on Third Age Issues. Specifically, the European Program DIAL was presented to senior citizens, as well as adult educators. Seniors were pleased and happy with the prospect of attending IT training with their grandchildren and being able to communicate on line with them.

There was also an important radio interview by S&G in Turkey with NTV radio (you can read more about this on S&G homepage
These are just some of the public mentions of the DIAL project, if you are interested to hear more about DIAL, check project’s partner homepages for more dissemination info. We are looking forward to the Year 2019 and DIAL team is ready for our plans and challenges ahead.

“DIAL” is an Erasmus+ strategic partnership project in the Adult Sector targeting mainly elderly people. The main aim of the project is to provide inter-generational and Life Long Learning opportunities to grandparents to acquire essential digital competences that will enable active aging and access to the e-word. The Erasmus+ project “DIAL” is co-funded by the European Union. Find out more about Erasmus+ program on
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