Digital acquisition through intergenerational learning

3rd press release (December, 2017)

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December 22, 2017



The ERASMUS+ strategic partnership project’s “DIAL” team has chosen the official logo of the project and is currently working on development of first intellectual output – a senior survey about their digital skills.
As the project started, the project’s team had a discussion on the project’s official logo. The very first logo drafts were created and discussed already during the Riga kick-off meeting in October, 2017. There were seventeen potential logos that were created by Latvian graphic designer, Annija Goldberga, who had collaborated with Latvian NGO “Project Net” in various projects prior to that.

After the kick-off meeting, all partners had to decide on the final version of the logo by voting, and the absolute majority gave their votes for the logo with network-related theme in its graphics. “It reminds of digital world and at the same time it is a symbol of connections, as this project aims to create more opportunities to seniors, who cannot be virtually in touch with their friends and families due to their lack of digital skills. This logo reflects the core idea of this project,” comments the board member of NGO “Project Net” Iveta Cirule. As for the color, it matches with the one that is used in the official “DIAL” homepage ( – turquoise blue.

Simultaneously to the process of deciding about the official logo, all partners have actively started their work on a survey development. This survey will be filled in by seniors from Cyprus, Turkey, Portugal and Latvia and it will help the project partners to determine, which digital skills are lacked by the respondents in order to develop a more precise learning platform on Moodle. The very first survey data will be carried out already in the beginning of 2018, before the next partner meeting in Cyprus, which will take place between February 15 and 17, 2018.

“DIAL” is an Erasmus+ strategic partnership project in the Adult Sector targeting mainly elderly people. The main aim of the project is to provide inter-generational and Life Long Learning opportunities to grandparents to acquire essential digital competences that will enable active aging and access to the e-word.

The Erasmus+ project “DIAL” is co-funded by the European Union. Find out more about Erasmus+ program on

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